UW - Stout

CastNET in K-12 & Higher Education

Connecting with Students & Parents

The Admissions Department at University of Wisconsin Stout uses CastNET to keep students and parents informed and entertained during campus visits. The Admissions Office noticed that there was some down time for students and parents as they waited in the lobby of the admissions office before or after a campus tour. After brainstorming several alternatives, the Admissions Department decided to provide two interactive, touchscreen kiosks in the lobby.

We were looking for digital signage software that had a large number of templates which could be customized for a touch-screen application. We were also impressed by CastNET’s list of satisfied touch screen customers.”

– Melissa Perez, Marketing Coordinator, Admissions Department.

Easy Content Updating

Melissa Perez, Marketing Coordinator for the Admissions Department, reported that CastNET was very easy to manage and update. “Adding content to CastNET is easy to learn since, as a web-based package, it is similar to the content management system for our website." Perez also liked the authorization and security features of CastNET. "The Admissions Office has several Mid-Administrators who create content and some departments like Athletics, Campus Life, Grad School and Campus Communications also have a Mid-Administrator. All of the content created and scheduled by the Mid-Administrators must then be approved by a Super Administrator to ensure accuracy and appropriateness of the content”.

Another important factor in selecting CastNET was the services and support they could provide to us to make the installation successful. They consulted with us on the system networking and CastNET's design agency, Alpha Video Creative, was instrumental in designing the content for the touch screens.

– Melissa Perez, Marketing Coordinator, Admissions Department.