Minnetonka Medical Center

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Minnetonka Medical Center, part of the North Memorial Health Care system, brings world-class healthcare to residents of the western Minneapolis suburbs. The facility includes a primary care clinic, an Urgency Center for emergency care, and an imaging center and laboratory.

As part of center's ongoing investment in technology, CastNET was integrated in the 24 primary care exam rooms and the 12 Urgency Center treatment rooms. Each room contains a large wall-mounted display so that physicians can easily share high-definition images, videos and medical records with the patient. It also provides information to educate and entertain the patient while they are waiting to see a physician.

We partnered with CastNET’s creative team to design customized templates to make it easy for us to create and broadcast informative and eye-catching digital signage content. CastNET did a great job in training our staff on how to use the software so we were creating new content just as soon as the system was installed. – Beth Hyde, Clinic Manager

Advanced Display Technology

Panasonic 42” LED 1080P displays were selected for the facility for two reasons. One is that the 1080P resolution is required to clearly show the high definition images. The second is that the displays include Panasonic’s built-in HDBaseT DIGITAL LINK player. This means that the CAT 6 cable can plug directly into the display without the need for a separate digital signage player. The patient room displays are connected to the equipment rack using HDBaseT connectivity over CAT6 cabling.

The lobby includes a video wall that is composed of three Panasonic 55” displays that are installed in a 1x3 configuration. The video wall can operate as three separate digital signs or as one large video wall image.

CastNET also provided the data integration for two of the lobby displays to show the average wait time for the Primary Care Clinic and for the Urgency Center. This has proven to be a highly valuable addition for visitors and patients.