About CastNET Webinar Training

In an effort to provide our CastNET clients additional training options, we are offering regularly scheduled webinar training classes. Each monthly webinar will be available to any current CastNET client. The classes will provide a low cost option for learning more about any CastNET system. The vast majority of the sessions will be hands on. Classes will have open communication between attendees, the trainer, and all other participants. Clients will be given access to our training server to follow along with the presenter.

Space is limited for each class. There will be a maximum of 5 to 10 participates in each session, depending on topic. Webinar classes are approximately two hours long. All Webinars are $150. If you have been provided a discount code, please enter it when registering. After registering, we will arrange for company invoicing and payment.

Please email us with any questions.

CastNET Webinars

June - 2017

CastNET Message Workflow – June 27th, 1pm CST Webinar

This Webinar focuses on the basic steps for Message workflow. This is a great webinar for Users that are new to CastNET and perfect for those current Users who need a refresher. We will review the following features:

  • Basic CastNET Overview
  • Creating new Messages
  • Managing messages ( Archiving, Reactivating and Deleting Messages)
  • Message Submit and Approval Process
  • Class Limit: 10 Students


July - 2017

Templates and Designer Tips – July 25th, 1pm - 3pm CST Webinar.

This Webinar focuses on the basic steps for modifying a template and basic designer tips. This is a great Webinar for current CastNET Users who need a template and designer refresher. We will review the following features:

  • Modifying an existing Template
  • Ingesting Templates in CastNET
  • Designer Tips for Timing and Ordering elements.
  • Class Limit: 10 Students