CastNET Enterprise

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Responsibly delegate the task of updating signage content to multiple users throughout your organization. (While keeping your branding consistent and IT happy!)


We Mean Business

CastNET is a mature, flexible, high impact visual communications platform that was built for the enterprise. From the approval process workflow to providing critical IT benefits, CastNET has what it takes to manage an enterprise-wide network in your office, on campus, or at multiple locations around the world.


Full of Enterprise Goodness

CastNET software is powerfully simple to use. Learn more about end user features and benefits.
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Enterprise Servers & Players

CastNET server hardware is available from all the leading PC manufacturers and comes in a variety of form factors including rack mount PCs. CastNET will certify and approve client preferred manufacturers and models that meet minimum system requirements.
CastNET PC Players are small form factor PCs with software installed on them to pull content channels from a CastNET CM server. CastNET PC Players may be rack mounted, attached to the back of the screen, or integrated as part of the screen.
CastNET IP Players are IPTV set-top boxes that decode streaming content channels from the CastNET CM server via an IP network connection. Channel changes can be scheduled to occur at specified times or changed in real time by using a TV remote, touch screen panel, iPad, or CastNET’s web browser interface.
The CastNET Player App is a licensed app that shows a content channel playlist from a CastNET CM server. The app plays the same content that is published to CastNET PC Players as well as customized content created just for the iPad or iPad mini.

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