CastNET Winner

Share that Winning Feeling!

Use Digital Signage to Hold Live Contests and Drawings

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CastNET Winner Example

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There's Excitement in the Air

CastNET Winner lets casino staff easily add the names of contest winners and prize amounts to digital signage using a simple online form. Nothing spreads the feeling of luck and winning better than letting everyone know there's a live contest or drawing going on. After the event, keep the buzz of winning going strong by showing pictures and prize amounts of the big winners. CastNET Winner provides a built-in countdown that can be set to display the time remaining to claim prizes.

Features & Benefits
  • Switch any or all floor displays to a live contest or drawing message.
  • Use an online form to add names and pictures of winners
  • Set a buit-in timer to display countdown to claim prizes
  • Live contests can be distributed to digital signage on other casino properties

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