Digital Signage on the Go

Use iPads & Tablets to display digital signage content along with custom playlists and HTML 5 content.

CastNET MobileView Example

Off-the-Wall Signage

The time has come for digital signage to come down from wall mounted screens and move into the age of mobile devices. While tablets have revolutionized the PC industry, they have been overlooked for their simple ability to act as cost-effective digital signage screens. With CastNET MobileView, any organization can take advantage of the features already built into tablet devices and combine them with CastNET’s enterprise level digital signage content management software.

More Than Just a Small Display

CastNET MobileView is a licensed app that shows a playlist of scheduled content from a CastNET Enterprise server. The app plays the same content that is published to CastNET wall mounted screens as well as customized content created just for the iPad or iPad mini. Users can update content by logging into the CastNET server using any web browser. Adding messages, photos, videos, and websites is as easy as completing a step-by-step online form.

Features & Benefits
  • Cost-effective, touchscreen signage that can be placed anywhere.
  • Show the same content that’s published to wall screens.
  • Create custom playlists just for the iPad or iPad mini.
  • Playlists include messages, pictures, videos, and HTML5 content.
  • Updated one to hundreds of iPads from a central CastNET server.

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