The Right Room at the Right Time

Interactive classroom and meeting room schedules on iPads & tablets

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MeetingView Touch Screen Example

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More Than an On-line Calendar

Using shared Outlook Exchange calendars on a mobile device is a great way to keep track of meeting room schedules. However, not everyone in your organization may have a compatible device or access to the online calendar. There are also everyday situations where a meeting time is changed at the last minute or an impromptu meeting is called. The challenge becomes finding a room that’s available and knowing when the next meeting is scheduled. CastNET MeetingView makes it clear what rooms are available and when.

Meeting Room Status at a Glance

CastNET MeetingView presents a clear way to communicate and confirm any meeting room or classroom schedule by displaying room appointments on an iPad or Surface Pro 2 tablet next to each room door. Each wall mounted screen shows the room name and status as “Busy” or “Available”. Viewers are able to use the touch screen to scroll through the room’s daily schedule to see who is using the room and when there are available meeting times.

Features & Benefits
  • Uses a licensed CastNET App to display Outlook meeting room schedules in a branded layout.
  • Clearly shows the name of the room, the status of the room as “Busy” or “Available”, and highlights the current meeting time.
  • Viewers can scroll through daily room schedules to see what is currently booked and when future meeting times are available.
  • An optional RSS crawl can be added at the bottom of the screen to highlight new and important information or updates.

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