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Table Game Signage Using iPads

GameView Example

Give Your Table Games a Digital Makeover

Take full advantage of CastNET Digital Signage in your casino by deploying dynamic, cost-effective iPad signage for all of your table games. With CastNET GameView, the dealer’s name, name of the game, and the table’s minimum and maximum bets are clearly displayed on the iPad’s high resolution screen. The dealer name and table Information is easily updated by Pit Managers using any PC with a web browser. They can change one specific screen or hundreds of screens at the same time.

More Than Just Min & Max

In addition to game information, CastNET GameView takes full advantage of the iPad by showing a playlist of promotional messages in the lower half of the screen. A playlist can include pictures, videos, and animated content that will engage your guests and bring attention to all the excitement your property has to offer. Messages can be specific to the game table or show the same content that’s being displayed on screens throughout the casino. When the gaming tables are not being used, CastNET GameView screens will display a “Table Closed” message while still showing promotional content.

Features & Benefits
  • Attention-getting table top screens that can be used anywhere in a casino.
  • Instant and flexible way to change minimum and maximum bets, and table closed status.
  • Promotes property-wide promotional messages while guests are playing at the table.
  • Update screen information on hundreds of table signs at the same time.
  • Display a custom playlist or show the same content that’s on other Casino wall screens.
  • Displays “Table Closed” message while continuing to show promotional content.

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