Break Through the Email Clutter

Keep your organization's important messages front & center

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Lost in the Weeds

Email provides an easy way to distribute important information, but does little to prioritize the content and keep it top-of-mind for your staff and employees. Intranet sites centralize and organize content, but do little to draw attention to what’s important on a daily basis. It also requires staff and employees to actively seek out new information versus having it presented to them. The information becomes easy to overlook unless constant reminders are sent.

A Better Way to Keep Employees Informed

CastNET DesktopView offers a way to break through the everyday email clutter to present Intranet style organized content in an attention-getting way. Every time an employee or staff person turns on their PC or wakes up their laptop, CastNET DesktopView displays a screensaver page of messages, links, and videos. As it’s the first thing they see, employees, faculty, staff, and students are constantly presented with the new and essential information that’s important to your organization.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides an attention-getting way to make web links, videos and messages the first thing staff & employees notice on their PCs or laptops.
  • Enhance internal communications by offering a consistent way to view company news, HR updates, training videos, frequently used information, and much more.
  • Save time and effort by automatically displaying messages from your CastNET digital signage system on CastNET DesktopView. No separate updates or uploads are required.

CastNET DesktopView Demo

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