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Menu Boards & Concourse Signage

CenturyLink Center

Menu Boards & Concourse Signage

Pump Up the Fan Engagement

Stadiums, arenas, and other sporting venues know that fans are always looking to get the most out of their game day experience. CastNET can help amp up the engagment by providing IPTV distribution of the game to concourse and suite screens while showing live social media posts and updated stats on the game. In the concession stands, CastNET works with POS systems to display and promote the latest food items. While in the suites, fans can use iPads or tablets powered by CastNET to watch the game, change channels, and order concessions.

Project Profile: CenturyLink Center
ImageCenturyLink is an 18,300-seat arena and convention center located in Omaha. CastNET deployed an arena-wide signage system that could be used for both digital signage and live TV. In addition to hallway concourse screens, 80 new 40” LCD screens were installed as digital menu boards for the concession stands. CastNET's IPTV distribution system allowed suite screens to show televised sports programs during a live game-day event.