CastNET at Star Tribune

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In March 2015, the Star Tribune completed the relocation of its headquarters from a building that had been its home for 95 years to three floors in the newly renamed Star Tribune building in downtown Minneapolis. The Star Tribune is Minnesota’s largest news organization with over 250 journalists who staff the newsroom around the clock.

Tropicana Boardwalk Show

In May 2015, Tropicana Atlantic City unveiled its new boardwalk facade that had been renovated into a massive high-tech multimedia audio, video, and light show. The jaw-dropping show includes one gigantic center column LED screen, ten large side column LED screens, a connecting LED ribbon that weaves among the columns, a state-of-the art sound system and numerous spinning light cannons on top of the LED screens.

As amazing as the performance of the boardwalk facade is, an equally amazing technology drives the performance – a single CastNET digital signage player!


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