Tropicana Boardwalk Show

In May 2015, Tropicana Atlantic City unveiled its new boardwalk facade that had been renovated into a massive high-tech multimedia audio, video, and light show. The jaw-dropping show includes one gigantic center column LED screen, ten large side column LED screens, a connecting LED ribbon that weaves among the columns, a state-of-the art sound system and numerous spinning light cannons on top of the LED screens.

As amazing as the performance of the boardwalk facade is, an equally amazing technology drives the performance – a single CastNET digital signage player!

Brian Henry, owner of Brian Henry Design and consultant on this project, said that a casino show like this would normally have been controlled by a series of media control servers and then another box to synchronize everything. The two significant disadvantages to this design are that the content is difficult to update and a person is required to be at a control console while the show is running.

During the design of the facade, Henry made a groundbreaking paradigm shift. Rather than considering this show as a multi-server show control system, he viewed it as a large outdoor digital sign. If a powerful enough digital signage solution could be found, then the content could be easily updated and there would be no need for a person to constantly control the show resulting in a tremendous cost savings.

Henry felt it was important to integrate the show into the infrastructure of the casino so that it would be easy to train staff to update and schedule content. Luckily, when he reviewed his concept with Tropicana, he found that the casino was already running CastNET digital signage, the leading digital signage solution for the gaming industry, to manage all of the digital screens installed on the gaming floor.

One of the reasons for the show’s success was the crucial design decision to use a high resolution 4K canvas for the content. The 4K canvas provides enough resolution to place all the video screens on the canvas when designing the content. It's easier to design and deploy content for the entire facade as one screen rather than designing content for multiple screens.

The CastNET player use pixel colorization cueing commands for the LED system. The playlist also contains RS232 commands that control the light cannons. All content, audio, LED lighting and light cannons are fully sequenced and triggered based on CastNET software.

The fabrication of the boardwalk facade was managed by YESCO who also supplied the LED screens. Norm Nealy, Tropicana’s Technical Services Manger, oversaw the entire project and turned to several sources to design the initial content that included the CastNET creative team. The team produced an eye-catching video as part of the presentation that promoted an upcoming Miley Cyrus concert.

The result is a unique revolutionary boardwalk show that outshines other outdoor casino shows found in Las Vegas or anywhere around the world. It has helped to re-energize the gaming industry in Atlantic City.

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